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You're Helping Seniors get Needed Nutrients

You're Helping Seniors get Needed Nutrients


Teresa and her neighbor started shopping at Catholic Charities’ HOPE Food Pantry, a choice pantry in Mansfield, about a year ago. They come every month to stock up on fresh produce and other staples. Often, small food budgets get eaten up and there’s no many to purchase these important foods.

“My husband and I are very low income,” Teresa shared. “This helps with the food that we eat…and I’m on a special diet so this really helps,” she explains. Teresa recently had to start a new, expensive prescription and diet to help her stay healthy as she ages. Medication costs coupled with expensive foods can quickly eat up grocery budgets, especially for seniors on fixed incomes, like Teresa.

At HOPE Pantry, Teresa is able to choose the items that fit her diet. “I get a lot of vegetables and lots of fruits,” she says. Because of your support of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Teresa and her husband are able to make ends meet and age in health. “Our food lasts longer,” she explains with a contented smile.

Thank you for supporting seniors like Teresa. Because of your generosity, she is getting the nutrition she needs! “I think this is a great thing that you are doing for people that need it,” Teresa says, “I’m one of them; that’s why I’m here.”

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