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Your Support Provides Needed After-School Meals

Your Support Provides Needed After-School Meals

Keandre and Keishan

After school, five-year-old Keandre and his friend, Keishan, make the short trip from their elementary school to the church across the street. Four days a week, the church’s fellowship space transforms into a Kid’s Cafe program partner of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. There, elementary students are given the quality support they need to exceed in school, including a healthy meal and then work on reading and homework.

“Today we had meatballs!” says an excited Keandre (pictured right). “We also had oranges and bread,” Keishan reminds him with a playful grin. Both boys have plates full of healthy proteins, child-friendly vegetables, and are chomping on orange pieces.

After the children finish their meals, it’s reading time. A focused hush falls over the room as students grab books from the shelves and sit quietly. With full bellies, these kids know hunger won’t be interrupting this study session.

Thanks to your support, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank partners with Kid’s Café sites throughout our six county service area. This program is important – you’re supporting children’s futures.

“Thank you!” Keandre and Keishan exclaim! Then, both boys giggle and immediately turn their attention back to what’s most important to growing boys: their nutritious meals.

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