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Your Support Helps Ease Worries

Your Support Helps Ease Worries

Mary and Debbie

Mary and her husband are retirees surviving on social security. It isn’t easy. Even a small hiccup in their living expenses — due to illness, a higher than normal utility bill, or some other unexpected obligation — can make life difficult.

Meanwhile, their adult daughter Debbie is facing her own set of challenges. She’s a single mother struggling with health issues

Both Mary and Debbie come to Plymouth United Methodist Church in Ashtabula, a partner agency that distributes groceries provided by the Greater Cleveland Food Bank . . . and they’re so very grateful. “Groceries are mighty expensive,” says Mary. “The food my husband and I receive here helps us supplement what we buy on our own. It makes a huge difference for us — how we live and what we can afford.”

Debbie feels the same way: “Because of this food, my daughter and I haven’t gone hungry when we didn’t have money. I’m not sure how we’d eat without help.” The women especially appreciate the nutritious produce. “The vegetables are a gift,” Mary says. Debbie agrees: “They’re just so expensive these days.”

Both mother and daughter want you to know you’re making a wonderful difference for their families. “We can’t even say how much this food helps. We just want the donors to know how thankful we are.”

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