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Thanks to You, Students Can Follow Their Dreams

Thanks to You, Students Can Follow Their Dreams

Open Doors Scholars

Middle school can be tough enough without having to worry about whether or not you have food at home. Thanks to your generous support of the Food Bank, these students at local middle schools are fed nutritious meals after school. The Open Doors Academy partners with the Food Bank for multiple Kid’s Cafe programs throughout the Cleveland area, including this school.

Some of the favorite foods these students enjoy are fruit cups, peanut butter crackers, carrots, peaches, green apples, and fruit juices. Your support takes hunger off the table for these kids and allows them to pay attention to their homework, and their career aspirations. One student wants to become a photographer, another a doctor.

Many of these students have multiple siblings and some only live with one parent. With income pulled in many different directions, the food your generosity provides is vital to ensuring that students in Northeast Ohio receive the nutrition they need.

“Thank you for giving us the food,” says Jeveion, smiling. We thank you, too. Without you, it’d be a lot harder for Jeveion and his classmates to focus on their career aspirations!

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