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Tackling Cancer and Having Something Healthy

Tackling Cancer and Having Something Healthy


Danny and his wife live near Ashland and have since 1960. Now retired, Danny is grateful to be able to take advantage of the Food Bank Produce Distributions at Ashland Masonic Temple. “It means we’ve got something good to eat. Something fresh,” he says.

Danny never planned to retire from truck driving. Unfortunately, open heart surgery forced him to quit driving at 72. “My heart wasn’t up to standards,” he explained. Danny’s made a good recovery from surgery, but now his wife is suffering from breast cancer and uses oxygen.

While she’s in good spirits, being sick is expensive. “There’s times when you have to pay out quite a bit,” he explains. Sometimes the co-pay costs are as much as their grocery budget. Additionally, the oxygen his wife needs to survive means higher electric bills.

But, Danny smiles despite his hardship. “Being sick beats the alternative,” he says with a grin, “I’m thankful we’re in a condition to get through.” And thanks to your support, they’re able to make ends meet this month, tackling cancer and having something healthy to eat.

“Thank you very much,” Danny says, “It’s appreciated.”

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