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Raising Grandchildren on a Fixed Income

Raising Grandchildren on a Fixed Income


Charlotte has had to make some tough choices. Living on a fixed income, raising two great-grandkids, having her daughter and granddaughter living in the same household has put a weight on her shoulders. She is thankful for the pantry because it helps her stretch her income further.

Charlotte has had to choose between buying food and paying for utilities several times. She recently had open-heart surgery and the costs of medicine is just too much to bear sometimes. She explained how Medicare sometimes doesn’t fully cover the medication or it doesn’t cover it at all. She is grateful for the load the pantry takes off of her shoulders. She knows that she can get what the kids need.

She is also extremely appreciative of the other programs designed to address food insecurity. She is thankful that the children bring food home on Friday for Saturday and Sunday through the BackPack for Kids program. She is also grateful for the Summer Meals programs. Charlotte leaves a message to donors:

“I want to thank them for all they do. They make sure the elderly get the food box. During the holidays, there’s always something extra that really helps the family. They never turn you down, if you’re in need they’re always here. I want to thank the pantry and everybody else for all their support.”

Charlotte is thankful for all the support she receives, both directly and indirectly, that helps to relieve some stress.

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