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Less Stress, More Comfort and Joy

Less Stress, More Comfort and Joy


For over seven years, Sabrina has been coming to the Euclid Hunger Center almost every month to help feed her family. “It’s helped me tremendously since I’m a single mom with two little girls, age 13 and 11, one with special needs,” she says.

Providing for her family has many challenges.

“It’s stressful, but just being able to come here takes a little bit of weight off knowing that we’re saving money, because I have a lot of extra expenses,” she said.

At times, she has had to choose between buying food and paying bills, so she turns to the Euclid Hunger Center, a partner of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. “It’s usually around the holidays… trying to do what you can for the kids. The little bit of money you save on the food helps to buy the kids an extra gift or get more for the Thanksgiving dinner.”

On Thanksgiving, they can’t always travel to her parents’ house due to her daughter’s limitations, so she has a small dinner at home. Sabrina has most of the fixings for the holiday, but she got the turkey at the Euclid Hunger Center. “We gotta have our meal at home, to make her comfortable.”

To those who help to pay for the turkeys, Sabrina would just like to say a big thank you. “Not only me, but I know other people who come here are so appreciative. It really, really helps a lot and takes a lot of stress off of families around the holidays.”

Written by Naomi Kall

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