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Keeping the Lights On and Food on the Table

Keeping the Lights On and Food on the Table


Making sure his family is fed is Dominic’s number-one priority. He and his wife have three growing children. “They’re in their big growth spurts,” he says with a chuckle, “They’re eating me out of house and home!”

Although he and his family receive SNAP, it’s not quite enough to provide for a big family. “This is my last resort,” he explains, “and it helps out tremendously.” Dominic is at the McKinley Community Outreach Food Pantry. Formerly a school building, the Outreach Center has been developed into a one-stop shop for people in need in Lake County. The food pantry is stocked with nutritious food from the Food Bank which helps Dominic’s and other families.

“Without this, there’s a lot of families that will go hungry,” he told us. Dominic works hard, but once in a while, there’s a tough choice – pay this high utility bill or purchase food. Get the car fixed or have a healthy dinner. Dominic has experienced this firsthand and feeding his family always comes first. “I’d rather have something shut off than have my kids go hungry,” he says.

Thankfully, your support of the Food Bank helps him make this choice less often. The food you help provide to Dominic and thousands of other families helps keeps the lights on and food on the table. Thank you for supporting hardworking families.

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