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It's Good to Know that Somebody Does Care

It's Good to Know that Somebody Does Care


All Faiths Pantry turns the traditional pantry structure on its head. Rather than opening its doors to people in the community, John Visnauskas and his team of volunteers deliver groceries from the Food Bank to seniors and people with disabilities in the Southwest suburbs of Cleveland. It’s about more than food – with a grocery delivery comes a chance to check in and make sure things are okay.

For Karen, a grocery-recipient, these visits are vital. She’s been receiving food for about three years to her apartment in a senior high-rise. “This helps make ends meet,” she explains, “it’s hard for me to get around.”

Karen’s life isn’t easy. Her two adult sons are estranged. She often feels lonely. To add to her struggles, she’s had two heart attacks and has two pacemakers. She fears that she’ll have another heart attack. “I take so many medicines,” she says, “Nobody knows what I’m going through until their shoes fit my shoes.”

But, it’s not all sad. The visits from All Faiths Pantry gives her help and hope. She’s so grateful for the people who give to the Food Bank to allow this to happen. “It’s good to know that somebody does care,” she says with a look of hope. Your gifts provide just that – care – for people in need.

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