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Helping Cynthia's Family Celebrate Thanksgiving

Helping Cynthia's Family Celebrate Thanksgiving


The week before Thanksgiving, Cynthia visited the monthly Produce Distribution at the Food Bank. She’s bundled up in a coat and has a quiet, but eager demeanor.

“[I want to] help feed my family for Thanksgiving,” she explains. Cynthia is on disability, and lives with six people in her home. On top of that, she expects her brother and sister for Thanksgiving.

The family has hit hard times: Cynthia’s brother is without a job and her sister is on social security. Affording something we all cherish, a Thanksgiving meal, is a challenge. But with your support, Cynthia and her family have the food they need to celebrate the holiday. For families like hers, support is vital. Celebrating the holidays is tough when you don’t know where your next meal might come from.

Cynthia explains, “Sometimes we have to go without just to make ends meet. We have no choice but to do things like this in order to survive. Hunger is a strong word and it affects a lot of people.” With your support, hunger affects less people. Thank you for helping Cynthia and her family celebrate the holidays.

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