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For Frank's Family, it was Either Food or Bills

For Frank's Family, it was Either Food or Bills

Frank and Rosie

When winter can last up to six months of the year, working as a landscaper is a difficult job. Frank isn’t used to the long winters. He and his wife, Rosie, are originally from Mexico and moved to Cleveland with their two young daughters just a few years ago. “I was promised a big job with good pay,” Frank explains, on why they made the big move.

Unfortunately, the job didn’t pan out. “It’s more expensive here, but we’re living with it,” Frank says, “It’s alright, my daughters love it here. Both of them go to school here.” Frank and Rosie are sitting in the cafeteria at their daughter's school. The school, part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, operates a monthly school market providing free, fresh produce to neighborhood families.

The food Frank and Rosie receive really helps them make ends meet. “It helps! We save money. It does help a lot,” Frank says with a grateful smile. The family has faced quite a few tough choices between paying bills and paying for food.

“In the winter, the landscaping jobs go down and it was either food or bills,” Frank explains. “I bought food. I mean, bills can wait. That’s all I can say. There’s got to be food on the table. For us, it’s all about the kids,” he says.

Frank and Rosie are extremely grateful they receive from your generous support. “My daughters enjoy bananas and melons. We enjoy it,” Frank says, smiling, “Thank you. You guys are good people.”

Your donations go directly to providing vital, nutritious food for families like Frank’s. Thank you for supporting families struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families.

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