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Bringing Families Hope by the Truckload

Bringing Families Hope by the Truckload

Sherrel and her family

Afternoons should be a joy for Sherell. That’s when she makes the short trip from home to pick up her three grandchildren from Marion C. Seltzer Elementary School. First comes Avah — a 5-year-old bundle of energy — chased closely by her 6-year-old twin brothers Finley and Foster.

Just seeing them brings a smile to Sherell’s face. But deep down, she worries. Have they gotten enough to eat today? Do we have enough in the refrigerator to fix a complete dinner? Did that little yawn mean Avah had trouble concentrating in class?

Sherell’s son and daughter-in-law work hard to support the family, but it’s not always enough. So each month, when the School Market program rolls around, Sherell feels a tremendous sense of relief.

“When the market opens, I know my grandchildren will have well-balanced meals for days,” Sherell says. “They offer healthy stuff that kids will actually eat. My grandkids like the bananas and celery best of all. I mean, they’d rather have vegetables than candy!”

Thanks to your support, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank brings a truck full of food to schools across Northeast Ohio each month. From there it’s distributed to the families of students like Avah, Loghan, Finley and Foster as well as others in the community.

Things are looking up for Sherell and her family. Her son recently found a better-paying job. Soon, this family won’t need the help. In the meantime, your support helps see them through a rough patch.

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