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Amidst Hardship, Friends Feel Supported

Amidst Hardship, Friends Feel Supported

Loretta and Barbara

Loretta is a mother of six grown children who recently lost her husband. To make matters worse, with his passing, her income was cut by more than half. Barbara is a retired Navy veteran. She had to take early retirement due to an injury and is struggling to make ends meet. Now, Loretta (right) and Barbara (left), have found friendship amidst hardship. They recently came to the Food Bank for our monthly produce distribution.

“This food comes in very, very handy,” says Loretta. “This is the food that I probably wouldn’t be able to afford,” she explains. When bills are due, Loretta’s small, fixed income gets eaten up fast. At the Food Bank, she’s able to take home free, nutritious produce.

Barbara is glad to have this support. “I’m here because the only thing that’s in my cupboards is air,” Barbara says. She’s a mother of three, grandmother of six, and great-grandmother of four. “I’ve worked all physical labor and made ends meet as best I could,” she explains. But, now that she’s retired and on a fixed income, it can be hard to feed even herself.

They are so grateful for your support, which goes towards providing fresh, nutritious produce to people who need it most; neighbors like Loretta and Barbara. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Loretta exclaims. “I’m very appreciative. Very. It is really, really being used.”

“I’m honored. Thank you,” Barbara expresses with a smile, as the car is packed with produce. Then, the neighbors get in the car and drive home, where their bellies will be filled with healthy food, thanks to your generosity.

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