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A Long Life, Thanks to Eating Healthfully

A Long Life, Thanks to Eating Healthfully


“Honey, food is medicine,” 93-year-old Ruth says with a playful grin. Ruth, a participant in May Dugan Center’s Senior Program, receives food regularly from the Center, including their monthly produce distribution. She attributes her long life to eating healthfully.

“We had a garden,” Ruth says, remembering her upbringing. She’s a middle child of ten siblings. “The food is good,” she says about the fresh produce that just filled her small rolling cart, “it is really good. It helps a lot. I have a grandson that I have to see after.”

Ruth is a loving grandmother, she always ensures her grandson has nutritious food that he likes to eat. “He doesn’t like corn, but he likes peas,” she says, chuckling.

Although she’s been retired since 1998, Ruth has kept busy. “I volunteer,” she explains, “I wasn’t going to stay at home and sit in my apartment doing nothing!” But retirement comes with a fixed income, so Ruth is extremely grateful for the food she receives from the Food Bank.

Thank you for your support that helps to provide nutritious food for seniors. After all, food is medicine.

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