Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Voter Registration

Ending hunger begins at the polls. We all have a role to play in creating lasting policy change that will ensure everyone in our community has the nutritious food they need every day. Hunger is not a partisan issue.

Your voice and your vote matter.  Please join us in ending hunger by pledging to vote on November 3rd and helping your friends, family, and neighbors exercise their right to vote!

Is your voter information up-to-date?

If you have not voted in the past two federal elections, it is important to check your voter registration status! States like Ohio require voters to register at least 30 days before the election. This also includes any updated voter information—including a change in address or name. A good practice is to check your status every year to ensure that nothing has changed!


Have you requested your mail-in ballot?

If you are unsure about voting in-person on Election Day, then voting by mail is the option for you! Voting by mail is safe- it uses social security numbers and signature matching to verify ballots. Mail-in ballots are counted the same as if you voted in person on Elections Day, so you can be sure your vote counts.


Are your friends and family registered to vote?

If you’re ready to go for Election Day, then help your friends and family check their voter registration status! You can also share the key dates on social media and stay updated by following the Food Bank on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! We’ll be sure to share reminders on deadlines as November approaches.

If you are passionate about ensuring your community shows up to the polls in November, then please take a few minutes to review the Food Bank’s Voter Engagement Toolkit. It provides clear guidance on how to help register your fellow Ohioans to vote, including examples of a completed voter registration form and vote-by-mail request form. You can also use this handy Voter Guide to reference important dates, voting information, and answers to frequently asked questions.