Greater Cleveland Food Bank


Providing Healthy Foods to our Community

Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to protect our bodies from disease and obesity, but it can be tough for many of our clients. This is why we distributed over 21 million pounds of produce last year, through programs like Food as Medicine. We also provide recipes to accompany produce and other less common foods that we distribute, such as eggplants, legumes, and cabbage.

We produce around 7,000 meals daily for low-income children and seniors. We’ve worked hard to make these meals nutrient-rich, and eliminated many sources of unhealthy ingredients. We lowered sodium in our gravies and sauces, switched to whole wheat pastas, and ditched deep fryers. We feel these changes have a great impact on the health of those who eat these meals.

We strive to make 80% of the food we serve healthy choices. This means sourcing products lower in sodium, saturated fats and added sugars. By replacing these unhealthier foods with more nutrient-rich ones, we work to eliminate many of the health disparities found in low-income communities.


Nutrition Outreach

Our registered dietitian Nutrition Specialist and team of nutrition educators bring free nutrition outreach customized to each partner’s clients and/or staff (in-person and online):

  • Recipe development and tastings
  • Nutrition classes and lectures
  • Cooking classes
  • Activities (K-12)
  • Grocery store tours

Partner agencies and programs can also access nutrition handouts - like Foods That Support Your Immune System - and recipes on our online portal.